Our goal is to eliminate the pain our patients feel so they can live again!


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Our History

BACAS Interventional Pain Management LLC, based in Houston, Texas, is a physician group offering patients a fresh, new approach toward pain management. Established in 2006 by Nelson K. Bond, BACAS decided to change the patient experience by incorporating new and innovative treatments to pain along with old-fashioned bedside manner.

Because pain is as unique as the person experiencing it, the physicians at BACAS believe in partnering with patients from the first point of contact through post-treatment follow-up.  It is an integral part of the process for our team to understand just how pain has affected the lives of our patients.  Typically in today’s society, the physician-patient relationship is rushed and undervalued, so for our patients their experience with BACAS is a welcomed change.

By doing the little things and doing them right, we gain the trust of our patients and enter honest dialogue aiding in successful health outcomes.  Ensuring our patients are part of the conversation and are engaged in decision-making is essential to our way of doing things.  We desire for our patients to grow in understanding about their pain, recognize triggers and take preventive action.  Unlike the pill mills that give pain management practices a bad name, we do not simply prescribe medications that mask pain symptoms. At BACAS, our people are committed to pinpointing the cause and taking corrective measures toward treatment.

Pain is a symptom of injury.  As an organization, we accept the challenge to find the root cause of the pain, so our patients can return to a life of fullness, the life they lived before pain interrupted it.  Our ultimate desire is to manage, reduce or eliminate pain, so our patients can live, work, and play again without pain.

Our Philosophy

BACAS believes in the whole person.  We believe that in our pursuit to provide the patient with relief from the pain that they are experiencing, it is of paramount importance to keep the patient’s over all health and long term goals in perspective.  We believe that it is a mistake for health care providers to focus so intently on the minute aspect of their particular specialty that they neglect the real objective, which is a vibrant healthy life for the patient.  To this end we have created a process for patient evaluation and management that enables us to identify and treat a patient’s pain generator more effectively.  Our solutions tend to be more invasive than medicinal and therefore we rely less on long term narcotic use for the purpose of pain management.  As a result, under our care, more patients are able to stop their use of narcotic medication than end up on the long road of medicinal pain management and narcotic dependence/addiction.  Very simply we attempt to halt the pain/inflammatory process and enable the body to heal itself.

Our Process

The following will be a very brief description of a patient’s journey through the BACAS system of care.  It is not an exhaustive description, for every patient’s condition is individual and distinct.  However, this should serve to provide you with a general idea of how we function.

Initial Consultation

The first stage in a patients care is to perform a thorough history and physical examination of the patient.  This would of course, also encompass a patient’s previous history, previous diagnostic procedures, previous treatment and previous use of prescription medications. The vast majority of patients that seek treatment from BACAS come to us already utilizing pain medication.  Unless we feel that the medication that the patient is taking poses an immediate concern for the patient’s well being we will keep them on their current medications while we complete our diagnostic process and determine the proper strategy for their care.  There are certainly many instances where we do not agree with the medication regiment utilized by the patient’s previous physician.


A typical patient will require additional investigation in order to determine the specific source of their pain.  Appropriate diagnostic testing is ordered, obtained and evaluated.  At this point a strategy is formed to address all of the individual aspects of a patient’s condition.  Each patient may have a very general diagnosis but within that syndrome there are generally multiple structures, or functional abnormalities that have to be addressed in order to control the patient’s symptoms adequately.


A strategy is devised and implemented.  This typically involves invasive procedures designed to address a patients symptoms at their source.  There can be multiple issues that must be address for a given condition and therefore this process may take weeks or even months to complete.  At the conclusion however, the patient’s symptoms should be significantly reduced, they should be prepared to begin decreasing their medication and begin a physical therapy or exercise program.

The Result

Our objective is for there to be an end to a patient’s care.  We begin a patient’s care with this goal in mind.  Our goal is to address the patient’s symptoms at their source and with that issue under control, reduce or eliminate the patient’s need for medication.  If need be, we will take a patient through a process of detoxification through medication titration, referral to a mental health provider or medication addiction support program, or, if need be, referral to an in patient detoxification program.