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RESET is our sports-oriented program that takes a holistic approach to treating sports-related pain and “resetting” athletes to optimal performance condition. This program combines our standard interventional treatment plan with diet plans, health and wellness packages, and physical training. It is designed to allow athletes to enter each upcoming season without injury or pain and be able to perform at peak levels. We know the primary reason that athletes’ careers are cut short is that they stack injuries year after year. When they suffer an injury during the season they typically do not fully recover and in turn enter the next season performing at less than 100%. We have developed techniques that repair the underlying injury and post-operative treatment that allows for rapid recovery. This allows the athlete to return to the game quicker than normal and in excellent condition.


The health and wellness packages along with diet plans are specifically tailored to an athlete’s individual needs to further induce recovery and performance gains. Physical training is an option added onto the plan that allows patient-athletes the opportunity to receive one-on-one physical training at a fraction of the cost of commercial gyms.


Within our RESET program, we have our RESET-Elite group of patients. These patients have access to all of the offerings of the standard RESET program but they also have access to our travel and concierge services for their office visits and procedures. In addition, these patients have privileged access to our reset-elite website which allows for networking among high-profile and high net-worth individuals.


Through our RESET program we have successfully treated professional athletes in Major League Fishing, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Football League, Major League Soccer, SCCA Racing, Formula 1 racing, and numerous college athletes that have since become professionals. As a result of our treatment of these athletes, strategic partnerships, and marketing campaigns we have established a rapport in the professional athletic community and we have increased visibility to our BACAS brand.