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Dr. Nelson Bond, M.D.

Dr. Bond completed his undergraduate studies at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, following in the footsteps of his father. He matriculated to Howard University College of Medicine, where I earned my Medical Doctorate in 1988. He completed my internship year at the University of Texas at Houston training in Internal Medicine. Upon completion he then went to George Washington University where he completed my residency in Internal Medicine. Dr. Bond was accepted into the fellowship program in Critical Care Medicine at the University of California San Francisco and completed the fellowship in 1992. He remained at the University of California San Francisco and entered the Anesthesia residency program in 1992 and completed his training there in 1995. At that time Dr. Bond had completed a residency program in Internal Medicine and Anesthesia at George Washington University and University of California San Francisco respectively and a fellowship in Critical Care Medicine.


Dr. Bond began a private practice job in Atlanta, Georgia in 1995 with a large multi-disciplinary group. It is there that he began to practice pain management. Given my previous training in Internal Medicine, Critical Care and Trauma he was uniquely qualified to practice pain management. His vision of pain was that there was always an identifiable cause and effective treatment for all pain. Intervention was the primary therapeutic modality and its success was dependent on the quality and accuracy of the physician’s evaluation and identification of the pain generators. Pain medications should be used for short-term palliation during the evaluation process only, as a rule. Of course there will be exceptions but pain medications should never be your primary treatment modality for chronic pain.


In 2006, Dr. Bond went to work for an interventional pain management practice in the city of Houston Texas. Using a unique business model and excellent outcomes the office grew from a new practice to the largest in Houston in 20 months. Dr. Bond made it a priority to integrate technology into the practice which made rapid response to patients, efficiency and ability to be mobile a possibility. BACAS was then able to track patient satisfaction and outcomes and respond to market trends more rapidly. Dr. Bond also realized very early that we must create a surgical model, which integrates the full continuum of patient care. He realized that optimal outcomes are dependent on the integration of pre-operative care, anesthesia, surgery, and post-operative services. He devised specific protocols for pre-operative and post-operative services. Dr. Bond has constructed specific anesthetic techniques for each type of procedure he performs and also developed new techniques to improve procedure outcomes and patient safety.


BACAS has now expanded the practice to include offices in the states of Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.